Heal. Have Heart. Go Higher.

I have a passion for helping people find their true and authentic self. As an energy healer, I help my clients find the core of their being and transform. After years of study and practice, I use numerous tools to enable people to understand their place in this multidimensional world and to achieve abundance through spiritual work.

About Judy


Working in the New Dimension of Energy didn’t come about overnight. For years, I have studied the body (both the physical and spiritual) and the multidimensional technologies that can be employed to bring individuals to higher states of consciousness. My own experiences as a healer, Reiki master, a business owner, a wife and a mother of two beautiful daughters have also inspired my activities and influence my practice.

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Learning about the body

I have been working with the body, both physically and energetically, since the early 70's. At that time, I was acutely interested in various forms of meditation, biofeedback, yoga (studying and teaching with Swami Vishnudevananda) and Energetic Work. I also intensely studied the healing of the body through nutrition and detoxification.

Diving into energy

From researching and studying the body, I realized there was so much more to “health” than nutrition. This Awakening led me to a journey in energy, light activations and sound therapy. I have been a Reiki Master-Teacher since 1997. I hold my Bachelor's Degree in Spiritual Philosophy from SPICA - Way of Light University of Divinity; and studied many years under the well-respected teacher, Dr. Katherine Torres.

Beyond these credentials, I have also received thorough training as a Global Shamanic Practitioner, as well as in Tibetan Chakra Sound Therapy, Energetic Medicine, Trapped Emotional and Chakra Release Work, Lemurian Code Activations and Pendulum and Dowsing modalities. I have studied with many amazing forerunners in the area of Ascension and Vibrational Frequencies, such as Sandra Walter, Dr. Edwige, Steve Rother and Jarrad Hewett.

Cultivating the spirit

Sharing from my own experience, I assist and guide others on their own spiritual paths and personal growth. My greatest passion is serving and coaching those who are awakening to a Higher state of Consciousness and are moving forward in finding and fulfilling their soul's purpose. On this journey, they discover their own special unique gifts and talents that they have been given to share with the world. This results in greater peace, love, abundance, vibrant health, and happiness for all.

Healing Modalities

I have been a Master-Reiki teacher since 1997, yet have so much more to offer in terms of my healing sessions. Learning and growing and transforming my offering is such a passion of mine; and I have much to offer in terms of energy work, transformations and release.


New Dimensional Energy Work

As we continue to awaken and expand our consciousness and move to new aspects of our Higher Self, we begin to open up to activation of the beautiful crystalline light of the higher dimensions.  This modality concentrates more on guidance in what is happening as we upgrade into our light bodies. 


Trapped Emotional Release Work

Our Emotional body holds unto emotions that are carried over from life times. They become trapped, thus effecting us in many areas of life, many times blocking us from moving forward.  This modality assist in releasing the trapped emotion that is holding you back. 


Chakra Clearing & Re-balancing

Our Energy points (called Chakras in Sanskrit) are the key to our physical and emotional health, and our mental clarity.  This modality is used in clearing and balancing the chakras, cutting any negative cords, attachments, charges, and much more……from past, present, and future, and on all timelines and multi-dimensions.  After this work is done, any voids created are replaced with light-encoded love from the high dimensions. 


Tibetan Chakra Sound Vibrational Therapy

Sound Vibrational Therapy clears the clutter that lies in our unconscious. When our energy centers are cluttered, our ability to be healthy and happy is effected. A specific sounding therapy method, using mantras, toning, and sounding bowls is used to discover the level of influx/outflow in each energy point. The intention is to breakdown the unconscious resistance within the human body and then release it so the person can experience healing throughout the body. This work is a life changer. 


Transformational Guidance

I assist people who are discovering that there is more to life than what is viewed on the surface.  Our lives have more meaning deep within. We have gifts, talents, and abilities within us that have not been explored and used.  In this New Dimensional world we are living in, getting in touch with, releasing, and letting go of anything that is old, past, and not serving us in this new world brings us to a higher vibrational frequency that is made up of love, peace, and compassion, thus escorting us to a life of joy, happiness, and abundance in all areas of our life. 


Reiki — Levels I, II and III

Reiki is the enhancement of the vital life energy that flows through all living things.  As a Reiki practitioner, I use this holistic technique of healing to assist in balancing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  The wonderful Reiki energy assists in mental clarity, it stimulates the immune system, energizes, relaxes, reduces stress and anxiety, decreases depression, eases pain, aids in detoxification, cleanses, plus much more.  A marvelous tool for bringing peace, joy, love of self and others, and abundance into your life.      


Lemurian Code Activation

The Lemurian Code Activation brings us back to our own Lemurian/Pleiadian roots. Why do this? Opening up these star points open us to the Akashic records, awakens our remembrances of these deep seeded roots, reawakens the Lemurian/Pleiadian consciousness of self empowerment and self balance. Here we carry the memory of gifts, skills, and capabilities in the crystalline Merkaba of our own DNA memory cells, awakening and revealing them to be used in our lives today.


Beyond Reiki

Beyond Reiki is a series of classes about moving with and through this new multi dimensional energy as we heal ourselves and others. As we take our Reiki tools into a new vibration, and In a new way, we are moving into dimensions that we have never lived in before. Therefore, we must adapt differently, we must learn to live and operate within this new energy.  This class is about moving forward in our own healing and in the healing of others.This class will guide you into a higher frequency of using the pendulum, stones, crystals, breath, sound, connecting with your higher self, clearing, balancing and harmonizing, plus more. I am excited to share with you many of the modalities that I have learned and have used through the years. I want to share with you the guidance that I am being given in the reinvention of these modalities as they are being beautifully forced to be reinvented in order to adapt and be used in a new frequency. I am excited to share with you how I am being guided to use many of these tools in new ways and the bringing in  of new modalities that I am being guided to explore.

This class is for students who have completed at least Reiki 2 and who have the desire to move their understanding of energy into Higher Dimensional Work.  


Pendulum and Dowsing Work

Dowsing is a way of directing energy by using a pendulum. A pendulum is a tool of intuitive guidance which is both used in sessions and taught in classes.  It is used in many ways during a session, including releasing trapped, negative, and stagnate emotions in the memory centers of the body.


Shamanic Practice

Through the ancient wisdom of Shamanic cultures, we have been given tools, rituals, and beautiful practices that bring us closer to our connection with our Higher Self and with our love for life.  We learn to use the many elements of nature for healing.  We find honor, respect, gratefulness, and kindness in everything in life. Stones, crystals, sound, breath, music, color, past life work, meditation, symbols, and the power of the stars and the heavens are just a few of the tools used in discovering our true unique self.