As we make our journey into states of Higher Consciousness.....unfortunately, a part of that is having to look at, feel, or experience the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY. We look at the times of chaos that we seem to be experiencing on a weekly basis. We see the GOOD.....the marvelous first responders, caregivers, neighbors, strangers, and the love and light that is being put out, seen, and felt all over the world. Through this, we are also forced to see the BAD.....the dark, the evil, the negative, the fears and guilts to just name a few. With that we see the UGLY.....the judgments, the misconceptions, the cruelty, the killings, and the hatred.

The longer it takes for people to AWAKEN..... wake up and see the light, the love, and begin to live in the LOVE, the more we will have to witness this chaos and ugliness.

We are a bit too comfortable in our old way of living and what we have known for lifetimes. We might not like it, but that is the comfortable place for us. For many years that is what has moved, driven, and controlled us.

Yes, that IS changing.

But how fast it changes, depends on how quick we are able to see, understand, and realize the messages that are coming through to us loud and strong. Messages for us to heed. It is up to each one of us individually to let go of judging, controlling, greed, hatred, bitterness, fear ( and on and on ), that is holding us back and keeping us from moving forward.

We each, individually, must let go of these in our own separate lives!!!The more we come together with this and begin to live in love and lightness, the more we will watch the world change. This may seem very subtle, but we are very powerful when our intentions of the GOOD are set.

EMPOWER YOURSELF to LET GO of what is holding you back from LIVING FROM YOUR HEART!!!

Stay in Light
Stay in Love

judy jellsion