11 is a master number that assist in “CREATING” through it’s very high vibration.

Have fun with that! I always set the alarm on my phone to buzz me at 11:11 (AM and PM).

Some people say .....Make a wish at 11:11. Add this to a powerful 11/11 date and Wowza!!!
I personally claim this as a time to make my strong conscious connection with the Divine. Then claim my request. A request with a “knowing” that it is truly mine!!!

Therefore, take a few quiet moments before hand and connect with your heart. What is it that you want and are ready to have happen in your life? Knowing that you are a magnificent creator......think about it, and FEEL
IT as though you have already walked into whatever it may be. At 11:11, FEEL yourself in a portal of Divine Creation, FEEL the POWERFUL VIBRATION, and make your request. Again whatever it is yours, and it is waiting there for you – claim it!!!

We are in a time when our creations (our thoughts and words) are happening very quickly. Never have we lived when those words that you have heard so often “be careful of what you ask for” has been so valid.

It is not just what you “ask” for.... BE CONSCIOUS of your thoughts ......BE CONSCIOUS of every word that comes out of your mouth. BE CONSCIOUS of every want and desire.

Another thing that I have always done after 1111 appears to me in any manner, is to pay attention to what I had just said, or thought, and pay attention to what may follow soon after, as this is a magical awareness time for me. It is a strong message time. 
Let’s all get off of auto pilot in our lives and begin to notice all the messages that are being given to us constantly.
Life is a gift.

Stay in Light
Stay in Love

judy jellsion