The energy of this new moon is bringing in ever more opportunity to create who we are becoming, the direction we want to take our lives, and what we want to create for ourselves.

What a perfect time to move into your sacred space, write down what you want to create, how you want to use your gifts to help give rise to a better world, and how you want to see yourself in this new world that is being created.

In this powerful new moon energy, we have been given a perfect time to look at and let go of whatever is old and past and is no longer serving for the best and highest purpose in out lives. What is no longer working in your life?

Bring to your consciousness what that is, write it down, then make the decision to let it go. As we release the old, we feel a whole new sensation of "lightness". We begin to feel a freedom within. As we begin to open up to this new light and this new freedom, we once again are able to remember the purity and the goodness of the individual that is our inner self. Whenever we move into the place of love and peace that is deep within us all, we can see with more clarity what our purpose is-what we came here to do in this life. Go deep inside and find the answers-you will very possibly find the answers are much greater than what you have been taught or what others may have told you.
You are a Divine Being.

Stay in this Light
Stay in this Love


judy jellsion