We have some amazing ECLIPSE
ENERGY going on right now. Take advantage of it!!! Move slowly through it and enjoy it.

Focus on the Brilliant Light of Love, Joy, and Peace .....coming down through you and filling you. Then focus on that Amazing Light coming down, and raining it's Love, Joy, and Peace on all of the world.....saturating it.....and then anchoring it into Gaia. Enjoy!

This eclipse is all about the completion of the OLD and the revelation of the NEW.

August 21....the Total Eclipse

August 25....August Gateway (that we have been in since August 3) closes.

What an impactful time to meditate on peace and on moving into Higher States of Consciousness. Again, focus on bringing in the new light. Honor it!!!
Much love to you all...

Stay in the light. 
Stay in the love

judy jellsion