June was about a whole new consciousness of change and realization of the changes and choices that are being made in our world----everything and everyone around us, and in our personal lives. With that, the month of July moves into "TAKING ACTION"

We have been spending more time looking at ourselves, what we want and who we truly are. Now is the time to take action and do it. Put into action what you want to create, who you want to be with, what you truly want to do to become your authentic self and how you want to share your gifts with the world.

As I was getting on the freeway this morning in my car, I got a message loud and clear that now is the time to decide which lane i want to be in, grab it, hold onto it securely, then take action. July is the month to "GET GOING". 
As we celebrate our nations independence with friends and family, let us also be grateful for the Divine Gift of Free Will that was given to all mankind. We have the freedom of choice, in everything we do and in every direction we take.

The intensity of the shift in energy is here to stay. No more subtle shifts that seem to come and go. Go back and re-read the June 20 post on the Solstice. We are still in the energies of the Solstice and will be through August. Re-reading this will be a good reminder.

Later this week, I will post some of the symptoms and signs that many are consciously dealing with during this period. We are ascending into higher frequencies and stronger vibrations that are moving us into A Higher State of Consciousness. 

Stay in Love
Stay in Light

judy jellsion