The peak of the SOLSTICE is June 20 at 11:24 PM central time.

Solar energy in its highest point of magnificence is assisting us to make the changes that we so want to make. We are going through a process of letting go of anything old and past that is not serving us for our highest and best, and we are moving into the new. What great energy this is to assist us to look at the changes we have made, how we have evolved, how we want to continue to evolve, 
and what we need to do to make that happen.
I highly recommend you take some time during the solstice and on through the Equinox in August. Go into your sacred space, (whether yours be through meditation, prayer, being outside with nature, etc). Connect with your higher self, your guides, Source, God........This is a time to be prayerful and grateful for the life you have had and the person you are becoming. This is the time to step out of your ordinary life. Find where your passion is. Create a new voice for yourself. 
Become who you are and your purpose. 
Everyday is a significant energy day in our souls journey. 
Anything and everything is possible.

Become the love. 
Become the light.

judy jellsion