July 13 - New Moon July 23

Use them to your very best benefit.

This strong energy is coming through to assist you with a greater EASE then ever before - ease in letting go of your blocks and what may be holding you back from living and being your true authentic self.

In my work, as I speak with clients, I am seeing more remembrances of feelings, emotions and memories of certain times in their life coming up quicker, clearer, and deeper than ever before. REMEMBER....THEY ARE COMING UP FOR A PURPOSE.

it is time to let go and be done with what ever is not serving you for your highest and best purpose in your life.

Pay attention to these remembrances as they come up. They will either deplete you OR inspire and energize you. The thoughts, feelings, and emotions are either vibrant, joyful, and full of love ( yeah for these ), or they are a dense, dark energy that is full of "lack and need". It is time to cut the cord and release it completely from the beautiful, pure, loving, unique individual that you are.

I cannot stress enough – these are powerful days to go deep within yourself. The energy of this time period is actually giving honor to your abilities to let go with MORE EASE than ever before. 
Look Deep Within!!!

Let us move into the New World of love, compassion, peace, and joy

Stay Tune:

Stay in Love
Stay in Light

judy jellsion