The Mystical August Eclipse

The August gateway passage is well underway. August 3 - 25.

During this time we are all being triggered to release all blockages that are holding us back from moving forward into higher dimensions of Higher Consciousness. Whatever does not feel right, whatever is not working for you in your life, it is time to let it go.

Again, WE ALL HAVE A CHOICE. Do we live in fear and worry and allow the chaos and the darkness to overtake us. Or do we live in the light, continuously sharing our love and compassion with others. From here we are living with our knowing, with belief and faith that the Light and Love will reign in the end.

This is the 30th celebration of the Harmonic Convergence which began on August 17, 1987. With the Harmonic Convergence, we began our long slow move into a new age of peace. We have made amazing progress into the shift and we are presently moving into a new opportunity for collectively shifting our human consciousness into higher realities. 
I am sure some of you were very young, if not even born at this time. If the harmonic convergence is new to you, I found a lovely website with a great overview of it. It is thewildrose.net/harmonic_convergence.html. This website also has some recommendations if you would like to delve even deeper into it. Two of these are Greg Braden, who will bring you information from a more scientific viewpoint. And from Lee Carol who has channeled Krylon since 1987. I highly recommend them as they are both favorites of mine.

OPEN your HEART, raise your light capacity .... share your brilliance and brightness!!!
Thank you for your service.

Stay in Love
Stay in Light

judy jellsion