Open your mind up to the synchronicity's that are happening every day in your life. The more you NOTICE the magical happenings, the more of them you will be given. Ah - such is the magic of life.

Our lives are changing, we are moving to Higher States of Consciousness. As you begin to notice changes in your life-small, subtle, or large ...... share them with your tribe. Stay in the positive - find the charm of these changes. Stay out of fear. Fear moves us into a low vibration, a downward frequency. The more you make a conscious effort to see the good, feel the good, and move into a positive place (as difficult as it may seem)....the more glimpses of freedom, light, and love you will experience in your life.

Sometimes the world seems very dark. Remember that you are a light beam in this darkness. Let your light shine through.

Light ALWAYS Conquers Dark
Love ALWAYS Conquers Hate

We are born with FREE WILL. You have a CHOICE.

ITS NEWSLETTER TIME. Be sure you subscribe to my newsletter. (above). The next one, which will go out in a day or two, will include some of the symptoms/signs that people have been observing through this Ascension process (moving to Higher States of Consciousness).

We are going through an amazing period of time. Become familiar with it so that you can see the positive and know the joy and the benefit of what we are going through.
Stay Tune

Stay in Light

Stay in Love

judy jellsion