Wow. August looks to be a month of lots of surprises. As you move through it… Remind yourself, whatever it is that you may be going through during this time period, it is a necessary part of your own growth and evolution. It is necessary for moving on into Higher States of Consciousness.

Therefore, there is the need of staying grounded, of consciously asking for Divine protection, and of not allowing yourself to move into fear. Your inner connection with self is #1. This will keep you centered, aligned, balanced, and grounded as you move through this month. As others might feel that things are falling apart, you will move through with a light and a joy, and be there to share it with others. This is how each one of us can participate in moving our world into a Higher State of Consciousness. Honor, feel, and express from your heart Divine Love and Light.

Remember, we are BREAKING PATTERNS - BREAKING SYSTEMS of what we have carried with us from lifetimes and that are no longer serving us for our very highest and best purpose. This deep inner process we are going through is about finding our own inner power, inner truth, and purpose.
See yourself as a New Person
See yourself as a New Feeling
See yourself as a New Emotion
See yourself as a New Being

Remember, we are all on our own unique journey. Some may find theirs is similar to other people, and some may be completely different from others. Just remember each is molded as "uniquely yours". Honor that!!!

Stay on a path of truth and love in your words, thoughts, and deeds.

Thank you for being a Light Bearer to the world.
Much love,

PS......We are moving into a noticeably less dense and less linear reality. There are some noticeable signs that many begin to feel as more intense frequencies begin to penetrate the collective consciousness and realign the energy. Several of you have asked me to speak more about them. I have gone into more detail on both my newsletter and on the blog in my website. Please sign up for the newsletter for more detailed information.

judy jellsion