We are moving onward into the next year of transition, into Higher Consciousness. We have moved into the fifth dimension completely. Yes, there are many who are still resisting, trying hard to hold on to the old ways and the past.

2017 has been the year of “constant and repetitive messages”. If you didn’t get the message the first time, it was going to continue to hit you one way or another. And it did....for everyone!

We received many wake up calls this year...... and each of us seemed to experience them in a way that was near and dear to our own individual self. It was part of our own personal work.

It’s been a year of letting go of old ways of doing and thinking and of realizing what no longer works or is needed. Hidden deep secrets that have been held onto for generations are coming to the surface. The question is being asked......does
this truly serve people on the collective scale and for our own individual purpose and freedom this life?

2017 in numerology was a number 1 year, a year of new beginning.....transitioning into the new. 2018 is a number 2 year. Moving more into “AWAKENED”. (and what’s next).

Please remember you do not need to suffer. You deserve to be happy. Because of the shifting of energy that we will still be going through, you will still be conscious of changes and emotions. 
Change brings anxiety, especially when there is fear and resistance to change.

PLEASE REALIZE this is all because of our shift into the fifth dimension. REMEMBER, you create what your world looks like. If you want to live in Joy.....let your brain know that is where you live. If you want to live in sadness or fear, just tell your brain that is where you are and it will be glad to keep you saturated with it. IT’S YOUR CHOICE.

BEGIN TO SMILE from your heart. Speak from your heart. Live from your heart. You will create such a lovely space and place for yourself, your family, your friends, and for all of the world.

Stay in the Light
Be the Light.


judy jellsion