We thought 2017 went fast. Pay attention, get off auto pilot, 2018 is flying at a pace we cannot even imagine.

Be open to change, to new ways of doing things, and to let go of the old. In doing that you will be surprised at the new ideas and new ways of doing that will come through.

Move away from habits. Many of these habits are old and past and will not be needed in this new time of life that we are moving into. Notice them...are they helpful and serving? Look at them, update, set them free, allow them to flow versus being linear.

Our lives are changing. Change is good even though it might not look like it initially. Allow change in your life. This will make flowing through the new dimension much easier. Figure out your passion. What is it that gets you excited, motivated, and that you would love to take to a whole new level for yourself?

When we wake up in the morning, most of us usually know our number one priority of what is going to get done during that day. Anything else that gets done is an extra special gift. Honor that. The days of having to....or....even being able to get everything done that is on the list is moving away really quickly. And of course, acknowledge and be thankful at the end of the day for the magnificence of the day that you created.

Most importantly, remember to take time for yourself. You alone are creating your own unique world.

Stay in the Light
Be the Light

So Much Love

judy jellsion