A Big Time Upgrade

BIG TIME UPGRADE GOING ON...and has been for quite some time.

In case it seems pretty heavy duty right now, know that you are right .....it definitely is !!!

With all the retrogrades that we have been going through, we have definitely been revisiting old patterns. We are being shown what needs to be done and how necessary it is to revisit, to renew, and to transform. We have a number of different stages, phases, layers, and levels that are involved.......therefore take time to process much of what is going on.
We are shedding old versions of ourselves that are outdated, no longer needed, and of the old stories that we have made about our selves. The “new” is showing us the way, taking us into a new realm of creating and expanding our own unique limitless possibilities.

If it seems like you are standing in a void of energy that can’t move forward, this is truly a part of it... and it too shall pass!!!

The 11/11/11 gateway took us to a complete opening to make our own choice of which way is our way...We are being forced to make this choice in realms of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual areas of our lives. November 21-25 is taking us into another Gateway, opening us into an ever new space of knowing, with no doubt, that we are changing!!!

In your Thanksgiving gatherings, infuse unconditional love and Stay in your Heart....Stay away from reacting. 
This is how staying in your heart assists others and changes the world.

November 21-25 opening of another gateway of change.
November 22... Full Moon 11:41pm CST.

Stay in your Heart ...
Keep your own Light shining bright...
This Light is the Love of the Divine that is You...

Blessings with Gratitude and Thankfulness!!!

Lauren Tennet