The SPRING EQUINOX has BEGUN... moving us closer and closer to that space of balance, harmony, peace, joy, and love. Remembering though, we will still be experiencing the swing of the pendulum from one side to the other. There may be times that might call for a moment to moment decision. Which side of the pendulum is the space that you want to occupy ?

The beauty of this wonderful spring equinox, as the sun moves through the first constellation of majestic Aries, is that we are being given even more clarity and greater glimpses of what harmony, balance, peace, and love looks and feels like, where it is or isn’t in our own lives, and what we must continue to release and let go of in order to get there.

Definitely keep moving through this wonderful spring cleaning time, clearing both outwardly and inwardly. Realize that this act of clearing out the old and the past holds such a big part of your future. You are now in a time of “ CREATION OF THE NEW”. Pay attention to the little messages that are coming to you. What are they telling you and where are they trying to lead you.

This equinox is taking us through a huge energy wave that will be lasting for the rest of the month. Rest as often as you can, meditate, bring in the light..... it’s a strong energy for what ever you choose to use it for. Create Well !

Thank you for being the light that the world needs as it moves in to higher states of consciousness.

judy jellsion