What clients are saying

Mothers Day 2018

Hi Judy. On this Mothers Day I am grateful for you as my spiritual mother.  The last few weeks have been transformational.  The realigning my heart, head, and higher self has given me so much clarity, healing, and love.  I am so grateful the universe guided me to you. 

Ashleigh S.

Judy has a refreshing, warm hearted and deeply caring way about her which is very comforting in the way you know you are in good hands. The unique lightwork she brings through her is experienced, rich and deep. Judy has shown me an important aspect of what it means to be fully committed to helping those who get sessions with her. She’s completely present and always interested in everyone’s expansion. The trust I’ve found in being a repeat client either in her office, or over the phone has grown deeper every session. She cares. Even if you are having a hard time she can find a way to alleviate and loosen up whatever is blocking your connection to self. There are times when the work we do on ourselves just can’t get to deeper parts and that’s where Judy has helped me immensely. Without someone like Judy it would be more of a struggle and certainly take longer to clear my path to expansion. She’s an expert at energetically seeing and sensing what is ready to be released. Things I could never coax to move out of my own way because I simply don’t have the special gift Judy has. She’s got a pulse on what’s happening in such a far reaching global aspect she can put into perspective collective energies I thought were only affecting me and help me to see the bigger picture. She’s got the wisdom and knowledge to help people understand what in the world is going on energetically. Judy puts in way over 100%. She truly cares. She’s a great coach and friend on top of being an extremely talented energy lightworker. My world would be much harder to navigate without her.

- Toni O.


When we decided to move from Houston to Washington state, I knew that didn't mean the end of my energy work with Judy.

I had done distance work with her a few times through our years together and I knew I had the option of continuing on a regular schedule or contacting her on an as needed basis.

First we talk a bit on the phone and then I settle into a relaxed state. Depending on whether we're doing chakra clearing, balancing, sounding, etc,  we may or may not stay on the phone and I may or may not fall asleep. As is the case when I'm on her table, sometimes I feel the effects of our work immediately.  Other times it's later when I notice how much more constructively or positively I react to a situation that I see the benefits. I always get feedback on the session from Judy, either on the phone or through email. I love it.

- Chris


Judy Sullivan-Jellison is a true gift to the healing qualities of Reiki.  She has a powerful, yet gentle touch, and has cleared me of negative energies, as well as opened me up to the divine qualities of the universe.  Working with her in person has been transformative, but she also has been wonderful at clearing me remotely.  I wouldn't be where I am today without the intuitive, loving touch of Judy.

- Sarah Deutser

Judy is a kind and compassionate, and powerful healer.  She is easy to talk to and she always makes me feel comfortable during our sessions.  Then afterwards, I notice the positive effects in subtle but undeniable ways.  Before my last appointment, I was bogged down with writers block.  After we met, the words came through me and I finished writing my book!

- Marci


What students are saying

I met Judy when I moved to Houston about 3 years ago. I was so full of passion to heal those around me, having just finished a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and Judy introduced me to a new form of healing in Reiki. Judy is an authentic woman, a woman who has the essence of knowledge beyond her years. I feel like I've known her in my life before. She is a wise mentor, teacher, leader, and strong advocate of having an intimate and personal relationship to the energetic bodies within each of us. Judy truly connects with any person that she meets. In my first reiki session with her, before I did her training, she spent a lot of time asking me questions, and discovering where exactly I was imbalanced. After the session she made sure I understood what she felt and experienced so I could leave with answers and clarity. 

Judy is an authentic healer. She is the only woman I recommend for higher power healing. I did the Reiki master training program with Judy and this training has changed my life. I am thankful for Judy and hope anyone in Houston has the chance to be graced by her powerful presence.

- Haley Bowen

I am forever grateful for Judy as a healer and as my teacher. She fills the room with love, peace, and serenity. After my first Reiki session with her, I felt as if 100 lbs. of toxic sludge and blockages were removed from my body. I am grateful for all of the knowledge, wisdom, and guidance Judy has given me as a student, and I am excited to keep learning and growing from her. Thank you Judy for all of the love! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Rochelle Head



Reiki training helped me put a frame around the energy I had felt or used before I even knew what that meant.  Judy is a kind and wonderful healer and teacher.  Her classes and work have given me tools and helped me feel more confident in my own healing abilities.  

- Kelly

Judy's presentation of the Reiki concepts are easy to grasp and provided in a personal and caring way.  If you want to learn more about yourself, and help others, this is a great opportunity to do both.  I highly recommend these classes.



Judy is an incredibly enthusiastic and engaging teacher.  It feels as though she holds a vision for each student to step into their higher self as a healer while simultaneously being compassionate with where we are on our journey.  The information covered is fascinating and she makes it easy to learn and take in.  Great classes. 

- AV

Judy is an extremely compassionate, intuitive, and intelligent practitioner.  She has the ability to foster learning and build rapport, which is ideal, whether taking one of her classes or doing a healing session.

- L

This Reiki practice and training has helped me to contribute to the healing of myself, others, and all the earth.  It coincides with my mediation practice and my intention to be the positive change I want to see in myself and in others.

- MB

Judy offers diverse, well rounded, and accessible classes for all types of learners and schedules.  I enjoy every aspect of each class and look forward to working with Judy again.

- TB

It has been wonderful being in class with Judy.  She has such an amazing, enthusiastic, validating, and engaging energy.  Great teacher!

- AP