Judy Sullivan Jellison


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About Judy

Judy Jellison is a Spiritual guide using the light frequency of Reiki, Sound Therapy, Global shamanic practice, Chakra and Emotional Clearing and Balancing and more.... to bring you to a new dimension of energy — of yourself and of the world.

Judy Jellison, a spiritual and energy guide located in Houston, Texas, offers many ways to radically shift your consciousness. As we embark upon a journey through the higher dimensions, our literal bodies and minds are shifting in ways we may not understand.

Judy is here to guide you to these changes and through them.

Healing sessions

Judy offers energy alignment sessions, where she uses myriad tools — including traditional Reiki methods mixed with shamanic tools and sound healing — to bring you back to balance on all levels.


Study with Judy

Judy is a skilled and effective guide and teacher. She not only works with those new to energy healing, but also with those who have already awakened and are moving forward through their ascension process. She also works with practicing healers and practitioners to bring them new tools that will shift their own practice and their own growth.

Judy Sullivan-Jellison has a true gift of healing.  She has a powerful, yet gentle touch, and has cleared me of negative energies, as well as opened me up to the divine qualities of the universe.  Working with her in person has been transformative, but she also has been wonderful at clearing me remotely.  I wouldn't be where I am today without the intuitive, loving touch of Judy.

- Sarah Deutser

Reiki training with Judy helped me put a frame around the energy I had felt or used before I even knew what that meant.  Judy is a kind and wonderful healer and teacher.  Her classes and work have given me tools and helped me feel more confident in my own healing abilities.  

- Kelly